Badminton facts

39 Interesting Facts To Learn About Badminton

  1. The original name of badminton was Poona and it got its current name in great Britain.
  2. British soldiers transferred badminton to the UK and then Europe after playing it in India.
  3. Badminton rules have changed a lot since its early days.
  4. Badminton was the second most popular sport in Asia.
  5. It can be played between two or four people. 
  6. There are two types of badminton, outdoor badminton, and indoor badminton.
  7. During the first Olympics appearance of badminton, it got nearly 1 billion viewers.
  8. The quickest badminton game was played in Hong Kong in 1996 during the Uber cup competition, and it ended just after 6 minutes.
  9. The longest badminton game duration is 124 minutes.
  10. Badminton is a very popular sport in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China.
  11. There are two types of badminton shuttlecocks, a plastic (nylon) and a feather one.
  12. High-quality shuttlecocks are made from feathers originating from the same wing, mostly the left-wing to have better aerodynamic performance.
  13. A badminton shuttlecock contains 16 feathers.
  14. Badminton is faster than Tennis.
  15. Badminton shuttles can have a speed of 322km/h.
  16. Badminton matches are shorter than tennis ones.
  17. To win in badminton, you or your team must have a two points advantage after you reach 21 points, if you win two out of three games you win the whole match.
  18. Badminton points count when the shuttlecock touches the floor of the opponent’s side without leaving the flood bounds.
  19. Badminton shuttles weigh approximately 5 grams each.
  20. Badminton requires more physical durability than tennis, even if tennis matches are longer in duration.
  21. The fastest smash recorded in the history of badminton was at a speed of 493km per hour.
  22. The fastest badminton smash was performed by Tan Boon Heong, a Malaysian badminton champion.
  23. Nylon shuttlecocks are generally used in training while feather ones are left for competitions.
  24. There are multiple badminton competitions, the main ones are the Uber Cup, the Thomas Cup, the Olympics, and the BWF competition.
  25. Professional badminton is very demanding in terms of physical strength and durability.
  26. Badminton court is divided by a special net, and each team has to send a shuttle to the side of the other team using a badminton racket.
  27. Badminton was created in the 1800s in India.
  28. The International Badminton Federation was established in 1934 to manage badminton competitions worldwide.
  29. The IBF is now composed of 150 nations.
  30. The average weight of a badminton racket with no strings is 82.5 grams.
  31. 70% of badminton international competitions are won by either Indonesian or Chinese players.
  32. Badminton appeared in the Olympic games for the first time in 1992.
  33. Badminton peaked in popularity in the 1930s.
  34. The biggest shuttlecock is 18 feet tall and a weight of 3 tons, it is stored in the art museum in Kansas City.
  35. An average man will burn 390 calories each hour of playing badminton.
  36. Badminton is a great stress reliever.
  37. Uk has more than 2000 badminton clubs.
  38. The first badminton club was the Bath Badminton Club, established in 1877.
  39. A badminton racket is not allowed to touch the net.
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