Badminton Rackets for Left handed Players GUIDE

Yonex Duora 10 Badminton Racket for left-handed players

Yonex Duora 10 for left handed

We start our list of the best badminton rackets for left-handed people with the Yonex duora 10.

This badminton racket is by far the most recommended choice for left-handed badminton players around the world.

These are your recommendations, and praises came from nothing.

The Yonex duora 10 comes with some extremely innovative features. The brand Yonex itself is a sign of quality in the badminton world nowadays. 

Some features that came with this racket are the new improved frame that was built with hydrodynamic performance in mind. Performing backhands and different hits with the left hand is now easier than ever.

Yonex attempted to put every technology and feature it can inside this racket, so, if you have money to spend and you want the best of the best, this rocket is what you are looking for.

Key features of Yonex Duora 10:

  • This racket is optimized for high speed and has improved aerodynamics.
  • The transfer of energy between the racket’s head and the shuttle conserves the kinetic power and helps in performing very hard hits.
  • Looks great.
  • Comes with multiple colors and designs combinations.
  • Comes with its own transport bag to protect it from weather and from various things that can harm your racket during its lifetime.

Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket for left-handed

Yonex Duora 77 for left handed

Every badminton player in the world must have heard of the name “Yonex”. This brand is by far the most famous and also one of the best manufacturers of badminton gear.

One racket that Yonex makes is the one our badminton trainer recommends for left-handed people time and time again. It’s an entry level racket for new players and also for players on budget, but who do know the value of a good racket.

The Duora 77 is the right racket to perform powerful forehands and backhands without worrying about it being made for right-handed players only. It also includes a dual optimum system that increases performance without increasing weight.

The special thing about this racket that is really weird and genius at the same time is the use of two frames in one racket. Yes, this is basically two rackets merged with an isometric head design.

The head is also reinforced with the grommet pattern that holds the strings with high tension, and prevents them from losing tension or snapping while hitting the badminton shuttle.

The shuttle’s performance has improved by over 20%. Thanks to the new design of this racket, the repulsion speed is also improved thanks to the aero frame, which reduces the weight and improves control. 

Reasons it shows this racket as a superb choice for left-handed players:

  • A new frame and head design. 
  • The t-joints can withstand mini it’s during many, many strong badminton matches. 
  • The isometric head design increases The Sweet spot, which will result automatically an easier control and a better transfer of power. 
  • The fact that this badminton racket is made from two frames glued together is a genius idea to increase its durability.
  • The control system is made with left-handed players in mind, left-handed players can easily go head to head with any experienced right handed badminton player.

Yonex arc saber 11 badminton racket for left-handed players

Yonex arc saber 11 badminton racket for left handed

The famous Yonex arc saber 11 is a badminton racket that is made specifically for aggressive offensive badminton players.

The Arc saber 11 is recommended for its smash and control abilities, it’s great handling during high power matches where control and power are both extremely important. 

With its nanotube frame, the arcsaber 11 got a stiff frame and an improved durability. It is a good choice for advanced left-handed players and also players who value smash and control in their games. 

 However, this racket is not recommended for beginners and new badminton players. We recommend looking at the other rackets on this list instead of The Yonex Arc saber 11.

Yonex Duora 88 Badminton Racket for left handed

Yonex Duora 88 badminton racket  for left handed

The Yonex Duora 88 is a great badminton racket for left handed players. It is made by Yonex, which is one of the best badminton brands right now.

We recommend this racket for left handed players thanks to its ease of use, versatility, and high durability.

The Yonex Duora 88 is a great choice for left handed players with an average to high experience in badminton.

Some badminton rackets focus on power generation, other rackets focus on control. The Duora 88 is a balanced badminton racket, which means it has a perfect balance between power and control.

This balance is the result of having the center of gravity of the racket in an area that lets the mass of the head and the frame balance perfectly between the two.

Like its sisters, this duora racket is a top of the line Yonex product, which means that it must receive the best manufacturing care. Its shaft uses a high durability and mixture of graphite and nano materials, while the head is made from high strength graphite.

Let’s start with the head of this racket, it has a large area thanks to the isometric design, the huge surface area offers a greater sweet spot, a great plus for left handed players who are looking for a racket to use in competitive games.

The surface bed tension is 26lbs for the maximum performance possible.

As the body is balanced (as we said before) between the head and the grip, this does make the Duora 88 a very versatile racket that is suited for right-handed and left-handed players, and also for players with different experience levels.

The G4 grip increases the level of control for left-handed players, and doesn’t slip easily with sweat and sudden movement and high level of action.

The thing about this racket that we have liked is its high range of colors available. Some high end badminton rackets are only available in one or two colors, and those colors might not be loved by everyone.

Yonex Duora 88 comes with the following colors: blue, white, green, black, or combinations of many other colors.

Key Features of the Yonex Duora 88:

  • Highly balanced design.
  • Great racket for smashes.
  • Perfect for left-handed people.
  • Great G4 grip.
  • Isometric head design.
  • Available in multiple colors.

Yonex Nanoray Ace Badminton for left handed

Another Nanoray racket made by Yonex that we chose to include in this list, the Ace is a cheaper alternative to the other rackets on this list.

A cheaper racket generally means less features, this is also true in this case. But still, for its current cost, the Nanoray Ace gives left handed players on budget a high cost to performance ratio.

This is an aerodynamic racket with a very lightweight design that is a very nice option for new badminton players and also players searching for a racket with a good control level.

The shaft of the Nanoray is flexible, the flexibility increases power transmission with every correct arm swing.

This racket is a great choice for left-handed badminton players who love to put some pressure on their opponents on the court with high speed and fast movement.

This racket has a lightweight heat, so it is not balanced, but it is more of a high control one, especially with the extremely thin sides of the head and the body.

YONEX Nanoray 200 Aero Badminton racket for left handed

A defensive badminton racket for left-handed players with a high-quality structure and build.

The Yonex Nanoray 200 Aero is balanced between average cost and excellent performance.

This racket is also recommended for backhands with its built-in cap that boosts the control levels in order to make it easier to play defensive and offensive and give the best backhands.

It uses a combination of carbon nanotube materials and a new nanomesh that exists only on the Nanoray line of badminton rackets. Using these materials allows for reduced air drag. The drag can hinder the power from the arm of the player to the shuttle. So in result, a reduced air drag means more power.

The new materials significantly increase the repulsion energy and strength.

Key Features of Yonex Nanoray 200 Aero Badminton for left-handed players:

  • A grip that is optimized for left-handed people.
  • A new version of the isometric head shape to increase performance during competitive badminton matches.
  • This racket is also stiff (more than the average badminton racket), this stiffness makes it easier to control the racket with a tiny loss of power (the use of the new composite materials fixes this).
  • Highly balanced design.
  • Comes pre-strung (check the link above) with proper level and with a string that doesn’t snap easily.
  • Made with composite materials never used before in any badminton racket, these materials allow for a lightweight and a high durability, a nice plus for left-handed players.
  • For transport and ergonomic reasons, the Yonex Nanoray 200 Aero comes with its full cover, included with it. 
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