Best badminton racket for 12 year old

Best badminton racket for 12 year old

Choosing the best badminton racket for a 12 year old might be a difficult task. Especially if the buyer doesn’t know anything about badminton rackets’ specifications or about badminton in general.

If you are planning to get a badminton racket for a junior player (a 12 year old to be more precise), you should know that they have different needs in comparison to older badminton players.

Junior badminton players’ rackets should respect the following requirements:

The racket must be lightweight.

It must be head-heavy: this type of racket increases the power of the hits, so logically it’s perfect for a 12 year old.

Should be a lower cost racket, you should not (in general) get a badminton racket for a 12 year old if it costs more than $100.

OUR PICK: Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power

YONEX Muscle Power 29 Lite Badminton Racket, 3U-G4 (Black/White) by Yogi Sports
  • SUPER TIGHT STRING: You never have to worry about losing a point because of wobbly or slack going strings. This are engineered to excellence with due focus on tightness in strings. This is a mark of dependability which every player seeks in his or her racket. You’ll get the string is already attached when it arrives at your door.
  • EXCELLENT FOR ALL KINDS OF PLAYERS: Whether you are an amateur badminton player or a seasoned participant in title competitions, adults or children, you got the sturdiest racket option holding in your hand. With unquestionable durability, each of the Yonex Badminton Rackets stays with you longer than any other brand.
  • SHAPE: The round-shape head with box-shape frame cross section gives Carbonex a unique and solid feeling.
  • STRONG GRIP: Provided a technically designed grip with anti-slip tape, Yonex Badminton racket facilitate you to stick to your game plan and earn points with a comfortable and firm grip
  • GET IT FAST: Serving up close to the net, playing such beautiful drive, smash and even drop shot, you can go on endlessly and easily because you have one of most glorious rackets in your hand. (Tags: badminton racket, yonex, sport, tool, games, indoor, outdoor)

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Most badminton coaches recommend the Yonex Muscle Power as the best badminton racket for 12-year-old, this recommendation is mainly due to the following reasons:

It can be used by players with multiple levels of experience.

Can be used by both 12 year olds and grown ups.

Yonex Muscle Power grip can be easily handled and controlled.

Could be used in training or during competition.

Extremely durable, can last for years.

String tension engineered with junior players in mind, you will not lose any badminton games due to a misconfigured string bed.

This racket comes with its strings fit and ready, so there is no need for an additional stringing machine.

A head shape that provides an improved level of precision and handling, if you like you 12 year old to learn badminton the best way possible then this racket is what you need.

And finally, Muscle power has a racket suited for the small hand size of 12 year olds, it also and additional anti-slip tape.

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