Best Carlton Rackets (TOP CHOICES)


Carlton Vapour Trail Tour






Carlton Vapour Extreme Fusion


Carlton Vapour Trail Elite

The Vapour Trail Elite is the perfect racket for you if you like to:

  • throw aggressive hits.
  • throw some perfect smashes.
  • play in an offensive way.

Carlton Vapour Trail Elite features:

  • improved the accuracy during off-centered hits.
  • An optometric head that allows for a larger sweet spot.
  • Offer more power and better control.
  • Give the shuttlecock a faster initial speed.

The extra –stiff, head-heavy racquet enables faster reaction time while putting more power behind smashes.

This racket is very focused on attacking, the stiff shaft makes it easy to throw some very powerful smashes at your opponents.

The racquet is a little shorter than the normal racquet sizes.

The strings tension in this racket is higher than the average, which helps to channel more force into each stroke.

In general, the Carlton Vapour Trail Elite is for anyone searching to have a lot of power, especially for game-changing smashes.



  • High power
  • good accuracy
  • Good swing speed
  • Ease of handling
  • High repulsion force
  • Stability


  • Less control
  • Most suitable for advanced players

Overall rating: 


Carlton Kinesis X90

Carlton kinesis - best badminton carlton racket

Carlton Kinesis: Many badminton professionals consider the Carlton Kinesis X90 to be the best badminton racket in the market right now due to its Great balance of control and power, durability, and good price value offer.

This racket is my personal favorite, It is considered to be the best Carlton racket to date, It offers the power of the previously mentioned rackets without any control loss.

The precision is increased by using the Grommets technology to hold the strings in place.

The Circometric head gives this racket more power during the game, especially if the player knows how to hit the sweet spot of the racket every time.

The aerodynamic performance of the Carlton Kinesis X90 is also improved by using ultra-light materials for manufacturing, the usage of these light materials give the players more control without any sacrifices in the quality of the durability of the racket.


  • Reduced air drag
  • Maneuverability
  • Head speed
  • Power
  • Control
  • Stability
  • Lightweight


  • Less durability
  • Smaller sweet spot

Overall rating: 


Carlton Vapour Extreme Fusion Badminton Racquet

Another balanced racquet in this list, as the name “Carlton Vapour Extreme Fusion ” suggest, this racquet can deliver some surprisingly fast shot that can throw your opponent off balance.

And like any balanced racquet the shaft stiffness is medium, and a balanced center of gravity.

The optimetric head design offers a bigger sweet spot, this will help you to throw the shuttlecock in a more precise way, the recommended string tension for this head is between 18 and 18 lbs.

The Carlton Vapour Extreme Fusion is built with the Japanese HM Carbon Sourced from Japan, is the highest specification carbon available on the market to ensure that the frame will outperform all other construction materials for frame response and stability.


  • High quality of manufacturing
  • easy to control
  • Faster response
  • Add more power to each hit
  • Lightweight


  • We could not find any

Overall rating: 


Carlton Vapour Trail Tour Badminton Racket

The Carlton Vapour Trail tour also known as the best Carlton badminton racket, is mainly used by intermediate and advanced badminton players.

It features a great torsional control system that helps to improve the racket’s stability.

The japanese HM (High modulus) carbon is the main building material of this racket, the same lightweight material used in many other high quality rackets. In result you have a faster rackets due to the lower weight and lower air drag.

It has a large sweet spot due to its Optimetric head shape.This will allow for a greater precision and power. 

The medium flexibility of the shaft in combination with the light head helps with the control and speed (a light headed racket is easier to control). 

The string bed tension is high, If you like to have a solid hitting feel in combination with a strong and satisfying sound then this racket is definitely yours


  • Great for both offensive and defensive play
  • Faster response
  • Lightweight due to the High quality carbon HM.
  • The low air drag makes it very fast. 
  • A large sweet spot


  • The price
  • Not suitable for the beginners

Overall rating: 


Carlton Kinesis Badminton Racket

The Carlton Kinesis is a multirole racket is a medium stiffness shaft, It is suitable to beginner and intermediate players thanks to its balance.

And just like the Vapour Trail Tour. This racket is built using the japanese HM carbon, and extremely lightweight material that allows the racket to have a small weight with high performance.



  • High durability
  • Good hitting power
  • Lightweight
  • High accuracy


  • Not suitable for advanced players

Overall rating: 



This was the complete list of the best Carlton badminton rackets of this year, please check out our other articles like the best badminton brands and best badminton shuttlecocks.

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