Best Yonex Badminton Shuttlecocks (NEW GUIDE)

Best Badminton shuttlecock
Best choice
Low cost
YONEX Aerosensa AS 50 Feather Badminton Shuttlecock (1 Dozen) (1 Tube (Dozen Shuttles))
Shuttle Yonex Aerosense 30,White,Tube with 12 shuttlebags
YONEX Mavis 2000 Nylon Championship Tournament Shuttlecocks
YONEX Aerosensa AS 50 Feather Badminton Shuttlecock (1 Dozen) (1 Tube (Dozen Shuttles))
Shuttle Yonex Aerosense 30,White,Tube with 12 shuttlebags
YONEX Mavis 2000 Nylon Championship Tournament Shuttlecocks
Price not available
Best features
High speed and durability.
Great value proposition.
Great for training and player on budget.
Best Badminton shuttlecock
YONEX Aerosensa AS 50 Feather Badminton Shuttlecock (1 Dozen) (1 Tube (Dozen Shuttles))
YONEX Aerosensa AS 50 Feather Badminton Shuttlecock (1 Dozen) (1 Tube (Dozen Shuttles))
Price not available
Best features
High speed and durability.
Best choice
Shuttle Yonex Aerosense 30,White,Tube with 12 shuttlebags
Shuttle Yonex Aerosense 30,White,Tube with 12 shuttlebags
Best features
Great value proposition.
Low cost
YONEX Mavis 2000 Nylon Championship Tournament Shuttlecocks
YONEX Mavis 2000 Nylon Championship Tournament Shuttlecocks
Best features
Great for training and player on budget.

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A lot of people ask, What is the best badminton shuttlecock? or more precisely, What is the best Yonex shuttlecock? in this article, you will find a detailed guide on badminton shuttlecocks and in the end, you will have our editor’s choice of the best badminton shuttlecock of the year.

A shuttlecock (AKA birdie) is an essential part of any badminton game, many of the pro players understand that the shuttlecock’s quality has an enormous impact on their performance and success through the matches, for this reason, choosing the right shuttlecock is a must for anyone who loves badminton and love to have the best experience, for that, we present to you this Yonex shuttlecocks guide, this is the first article in a series where we will review the best shuttlecocks of each badminton sports equipment manufacturer. yonex shuttlecock badminton guide


Definition of a badminton shuttlecock?

First things first, for those who are still thinking about starting to play badminton (great choice BTW), and are checking this Yonex shuttlecocks guide, you need to know what exactly is the “ball” of this game, well, actually this game uses a shuttlecock ( also known as a birdie ).

It is generally made of 16 feathers – originated from a duck or goose – with the same length to assure good flight characteristics. The feathers are inserted into a plug, fixed in the base of the shuttlecock.

General properties of Shuttlecocks

Each shuttlecock is rated with four properties, which determines the final performance it will have.

In this Yonex shuttlecocks guide, we will discuss the four main areas that a shuttlecock is rated by:

  • Flight trajectory
  • Speed
  • Consistency
  • Durability

We will explain each one in details :


  • The speed of a shuttlecock is determined by how quickly and far the shuttlecock can fly if it is hit at the same strength.
  • A shuttlecock can fly for a longer distance at a higher speed, so if a shuttlecock’s aerodynamics are bad the result will be a very short flying distance.
  • The weight and the quality of the feather can greatly affect the speed of the shuttlecock, the heavier a badminton shuttlecock is the faster it will be.
  • A badminton shuttlecock weight is generally between 4.75 and 5.50 grams.
  • The speed of a shuttlecock is indicated by a specific number.
  • The number will be different from brand to brand and can change following different systems.
  • The table below indicates the speed of different Yonex badminton shuttlecocks.

The old shuttlecocks ranking system

In the old system, shuttlecocks were ranked from 48 to 52, which indicates how many grams the shuttlecock weights (48 would mean 4.8 grams).

The new shuttlecocks ranking system

In the new system, a shuttlecock is ranked from 75 to 79, which indicates how many grains the shuttlecock weights, this system is more precise than the older one (75 grains = 4.860 grams).

The Yonex shuttlecock speed ranking system

The Yonex system rates the shuttlecocks from 1 to 5, number 1 is the slowest, and 5 is the fastest.

The shuttlecock speed varies depending on the air density

Air density plays a huge role in the speed of a shuttlecock, physics 101, the higher you are the less air resistance you’ll have, the result will be a faster shuttlecock.

The shuttlecock speed varies depending on the temperature

A shuttlecock speed will change depending on the temperature of the environment.

The shuttlecock will move slower in cold temperature and faster the more the environment gets warmer.

Any serious badminton player needs to choose the most suited shuttlecock for his playing region/area.

If you are playing in a cold-weather area, you must choose a fast shuttlecock.


The durability of a shuttlecock is an indication of how long a shuttlecock can withstand hits and still be playable.

A shuttlecock can become useless if:

  • The cork is damaged or worn out.
  • The feathers are broken or missing.

The quality of the shuttlecock is the main factor in its durability.

The materials used in the shuttle and the methods used in the building process play a very important role in the quality of the final product.


A shuttlecock is consistent if it lands near the same area every time it is hit the same way.

Well made shuttlecocks will have a good trajectory.

Shuttles with a bad manufacturing quality will lose their precision faster.

The consistency of a shuttlecock depends on factors like:

  • Wind resistance.
  • The asymmetry of the shuttlecock.

Many badminton equipment manufacturers test their shuttlecock’s consistency and precision, these tests are done by hitting a group of shuttlecocks the same way, then measure their flying patterns and check if the landing area of each of the test shuttles is close enough (around 1 meter).

The flightpath

A good flightpath of a shuttlecock is an essential thing for any good shuttlecock, the flightpath is measured by the trajectory and rotation.

  • The trajectory: A good shuttle will have a different trajectory than a low grade one due to the effect of the surrounding air on the feathers, the shuttlecock flightpath is very different than an ordinary ball in other sports, after being hit by the player the shuttle will move in the hit direction in a direct line, but after some distance, the air drag will slow it and it will take a steep path to the ground, this flightpath is often called a “skewed parabola”, Well made shuttlecocks will be more resistant to the air at greater speeds, allowing a steeper flying angle at the end of the flight.
  • Rotation: when hit, a shuttlecock should rotate on its axis, this rotation will give it slightly more speed and way more stability, the spinning movement is generated by the way the feathers are placed on the shuttle, rotation is an easy way to distinguish between the shuttlecocks in terms of quality, high-quality shuttlecocks spin faster, thus offer far more stability.

What are the differences between feather and a Nylon ( plastic ) shuttlecocks?

Feather shuttles

  • Offer a higher aerodynamic lift
  • Has a greater initial speed
  • Lower durability in comparison to the plastic shuttles.
  • Made of natural duck or goose feathers
  • Decelerate faster due to the higher drag
  • Fall at a steeper angle.

Nylon shuttles

  • More durable
  • Plastic shuttlecocks are cheaper.
  • Better suited for beginners
  • Flatter trajectory
  • Travels a slightly farther distance
  • Great for practicing

Yonex shuttlecocks guide

Yonex is by far, the leading badminton equipment manufacturing brand, They produce everything a badminton player needs, from rackets and shuttlecocks to strings and accessories.

They produce two categories of shuttlecocks, nylon, and feather shuttles.

Yonex nylon (plastic) shuttlecocks

The nylon shuttlecock’s line contains one sub-category: MAVIS

MAVIS 600 review

Mavis Shuttles are a great choice for practicing and some local tournaments, these shuttlecocks get some great reviews online for their durability and cheap price in comparison with the feather ones.

The Mavis 2000 is the best one in this category for normal practicing.


Yonex feather shuttlecocks

And the feather shuttles are divided into two types: AEROCLUB and AEROSENSA

Aeroclub shuttlecocks image
Aerosensa shuttlecocks image


This is the most famous line of badminton feather shuttlecocks, and also the best badminton shuttlecocks.

These shuttles are used by a lot of professional and casual badminton players.

The Yonex Aerosensa shuttles line contains:

  • Aerosensa AS-10
  • Aerosensa AS-20
  • Aerosensa AS-30
  • Aerosensa AS-40
  • Aerosensa AS-50

The number next to AS-* indicates the performance and quality level, 50 is the best, and 10 is the worst.


aerosensa as-10

The Yonex Aerosensa AS-10 is the cheapest feather shuttlecock in this line, but this cheap price will come with the lowest quality.

The low price makes the AS-10 an excellent choice for training and warming-up exercises.

Generally, The AS-10 shuttlecock cannot be used in the professional badminton tournaments due to its low performance.

Feather TypeGoose feather
DurabilityVery low
Manufacturing QualityLow



aerosensa as-20

Same as the AS-10, the AS-20 is mainly used for training purposes or casual playing.

The AS-20 offers a better flying performance than the S-10.

Like the AS-10, the AS-20 suffers from a lack of durability.

Feather TypeGoose feather
Manufacturing QualityLow quality + consistent flight



aerosensa as-30

The third name in this category in the Aerosensa AS-30, This specific type got the best value to price ratio, better durability than the AS-10 and the AS-20 and a lower cost than the AS-40 and AS-50, and better flight consistency.

The AS-30 is used for some local tournament matches.

Feather TypeGoose feather
Manufacturing QualityMedium quality + consistent flight



The AS-40 is one of the best Aerosensa line and Yonex’s shuttlecocks in general.

It delivers great consistency, great flight performance, and high durability, with excellent manufacturing quality, it is only surpassed by the AS-50.

The quality of the AS-40 allows it to be used for the state, international, and top national tournaments.

Feather TypeGoose feather
Manufacturing QualityHigh quality + consistent flight


AEROSENSA 50 (AS-50) AKA The best badminton shuttlecock

aerosensa as-50

The AS-50 is, by far, the best Yonex shuttlecock, with excellent durability and consistency, it is the top of what Yonex can provide.

Because of its good quality, the AS-50 is used in a lot of the major international badminton tournaments.

The only negative point about the AS-50 is the high price point.

Feather TypeGoose feather
Manufacturing QualityExcellent quality + consistent flight

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Performance table

Shuttlecock NameFlightDurabilityConsistency
Aerosensa 10 (AS-10)4.5Very low4.5
Aerosensa 20 (AS-20)4Low4.5
Aerosensa 30 (AS-30)4.5Average5
Aerosensa 40 (AS-40)5High5
Aerosensa 50 (AS-50)5High5

Yonex shuttlecocks guide summary

  • Badminton shuttles are generally made of 16 feathers, originated from a duck or a goose.
  • A badminton shuttlecock is rated by its:
    • Flight trajectory
    • Speed
    • Consistency
    • Durability
  • Yonex produces two types of shuttlecocks:
    • Nylon (or plastic)
    • Feather
  • Mavis is the main line of plastic Yonex shuttles.
  • Yonex produces two types of feather birdies:
    • Aeroclub
    • Aerosensa


What are Yonex shuttlecock feathers made of?

Yonex shuttlecock feathers come from either a duck or a goose.

Why are shuttlecock feathers from the left-wing?

Shuttles feathers are all from the left-wing to get a good spinning and achieve the best flight characters.

From what material badminton shuttlecocks are made of?

Shuttlecocks are either made from plastic or feathers.

Why do badminton shuttles have 16 feathers?

Badminton shuttles have 16 feathers to produce more drag and speeds, a study concluded that if a shuttle has 16 feathers it flips within 20 milliseconds after hitting the racquet, so in order to provide stability more drag as well as speed plus flips 16 feathers were chosen.

What is the best shuttlecock for the intermediate badminton players?

The best shuttlecock for the intermediate badminton players is a feather shuttle, which provides the best performance, the AS-40 and AS-50 are the recommended choice in this case.

What shuttlecock should I use?

It depends on your budget and level, plastic shuttles are cheaper and mainly used for training and the feather shuttles fare the best choice for competitive matches.

What shuttlecock is used in the Olympics?

YONEX Feather shuttlecocks are often used in the Olympics and international matches, due to their build quality and flight performance.


Which Yonex shuttlecock is the best?

The AS-50 is, without doubt, the best Yonex shuttlecock, its flying characteristics and durability put it as the high end of badminton shuttles.


How many feathers are on a badminton shuttlecock?

Badminton shuttlecocks usually contain 14 to 16 feathers.

How many shuttlecocks are in a tube?

A shuttlecock tube usually contains 12 pieces.


Choosing a good badminton shuttlecock is a crucial thing to do to get a good badminton game, this Yonex shuttlecock guide will be updated constantly to list exclusively the best shuttles up to date.

Now, you have the proper knowledge to choose the right badminton shuttle depending on your budget and playing style.

Thank you for taking the time and reading our Yonex shuttlecock guide, you can read more articles on our website, and if you like to add your own content check our write for us page.

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