badminton yonex voltric review

Yonex Voltric Lite review

The Yonex Voltric lite badminton racket is an important member of the Voltric family, Yonex, one of the best and most known badminton brands out there, describes the Voltric series of badminton rackets to be an “all-round”, which means that these rackets have a good balance between power and control.

In this article, exclusive to, we will do a full Yonex Voltric Lite review, we will check its features, design, and overhaul performance.

We will also have the full list of its pros and cons.

Features – Yonex Voltric Lite review

These are the main features of the Yonex Voltric lite:

An isometric head shape

This head shape is very common in many Yonex rackets, the isometric shape got many advantages in comparison to the ordinary oval shape but it comes with some drawbacks that are worth noting.

The main advantage of the isometric head is a larger sweet spot.

badminton racket review voltric lite

But first, What is the sweet spot of a racket?

The sweet spot of a racket is the area that transfer most of the kinetic energy of the swing to the shuttlecock, hitting the sweet spot will also produce a distinct sound and feel when it is hit.

The width of a sweet sport will be different following different factors, like the racket size, design, and most importantly head shape.

The isometric head shape offers a larger sweet spot, an excellent plus for any badminton player, for beginners and casuals, it makes hitting the shuttlecock in the right angle and with good power much easier, and for intermediate and advanced players, it’s the perfect choice during high-speed games, the isometric head shape lower the chances of a bad hit that can cost a lot for the player.

The main drawback of the isometric head shape is that the larger sweet spot produces less concentrated power than one of the oval-shaped rackets, some of the most advanced badminton players might choose that small power advantage over the precision of the isometric head’s sweet spot.

Tri-Voltage System

The choice between power or handling was always a dilemma of anyone searching for a racket to buy.

Choose the head-heavy racket and you will have too much power but less control and precision.

Or, buy a racket with a light head and you will have better handling and control but less power and speed.

To solve this problem, Yonex invented the “Tri-Voltage System”, this is the company’s approach to find a solution that allows a racket to have a lot of power with a good level of control at the same time.

The Yonex Voltric Lite uses this system too, its heavy head gives it a good amount of power, its strings will have longer contact with the shuttlecock, this will result in a more efficient transfer of energy.

Shaft Flexibility

The shaft of this racket is highly flexible, the shaft of the Voltric lite gives more repulsion power, this (in combination with the heavy head) will increase the speed of the shuttle a lot, to the degree that your opponent might not be able to react in time to your smashes.

And all that power comes mainly without too much effort from the player himself, this point makes the Yonex Voltric lite the excellent choice for long matches or players with lower stamina or strength.

Building quality and Weight Distribution

The shaft of the Yonex Voltric Lite is made of graphite, while the frame is using a mix of graphite and tungsten.

The usage of these materials in the manufacturing of the Voltric lite gave it a strong but flexible structure, swinging and controlling the racket in effortless and easy and it doesn’t waste any energy, everything will be directed to the shuttlecock.

The frame structure allows for improved maneuverability and accuracy.

The weight is not distributed evenly on the racket, the center of gravity lean more towards the head, this is part of the system previously mentioned to improve performance and power.

Yonex Voltric Lite design: Aero & Box frame

oval racket frame

The Voltric lite uses a combination of two frame designs, the Box frame with angular edges and the  Aero Frame with oval edges, this combination gives the racket a good aerodynamic performance and also gives the player a solid feeling when hitting the shuttle.

Yonex Voltric Lite Technical Specifications

  • Players level: Beginners/casuals and intermediate players
  • Type of play: Offensive and defensive
  • The flexibility of the shaft: Hi Flexibility
  • Head: Isometric head
  • Weight:  Between 80 and 85gm
  • Balance: Head Heavy Balance
  • Head: a combination of graphite and tungsten
  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Cover: Yonex Head Cover
  • Pre-strung: Yes
  • Frame Weight: 83g (4U)
  • Length: 680mm
  • String type: BS1801WH string
  • String tension: (22lbs)
  • Grip Size: G5
  • Headcover included with the package.

Yonex Voltric Lite pros

The lightweight:

The lightweight of the Yonex Voltric lite was the main focus, Yonex wanted to develop a lightweight racket but without any performance compromises, and they did deliver a great product.

The lightweight body makes it easy to handle and control, swinging this racket is so easy so don’t worry about having any wrist pain, in fact, it doesn’t even need any serious effort to deliver strong hits.

Stable & Balanced

The oval design of the frame allows the racket to stay stable while the player is swinging it and also during outdoor gameplay, in fact, Yonex Voltric Lite is one of the best badminton rackets for outdoor play.

The Tri-Voltage System used in the design of the racket allows it to have excellent performance and balance.

Off-center shots happen less with this racket because of the large sweet spot, which means that you can give it to a beginner in badminton, he will have a great game with it.

Easy to Control

Be talked a lot about the ease of control in this review, but what exactly makes a racket easy to control.

The answer to that question is: the grip, the weight distribution and balance.

The grip is comfortable and it is not slippery.

You can easily direct your mouvements because of the lightweight of the body and have complete control of your different attacks and serves.

Yonex Voltric Lite cons

Everything we said about the  Yonex Voltric Lite was great, but does it have any cons.

Yes, we previously mentioned that a large sweet spot is great for hitting a shuttlecock at different angles, but that is where some players might find a problem.

But if you are a beginner or an intermediate, this problem doesn’t concern you.


Yonex Voltric Lite is one of the best badminton out there, its lightweight and performance, in combination with high quality materials used in its manufacturing process, makes it an excellent choice for the majority of badminton players.

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