YONEX Voltric Tour 8800 Badminton Racket review [UPDATED 2021]

Last update on 2024-02-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This month, we chose to review the Yonex Voltric Tour 8800 badminton racket.

There is a wide range of rackets available right now, for different price ranges and for different player levels.

The Yonex Voltric Tour 8800 is made as a racket suited for players with a different range of skills but with an entry price for those who want a high-performance racket but don’t want to spend a fortune on one.

The head design of the Yonex Voltric Tour 8800 is a power generator

The racket’s weight distribution and center of gravity are what determines if the racket is more about control or power or balance.

A racket with an isometric design for a better playing experience

The head of the Yonex Voltric Tour 8800 is isometric, which is a different approach to badminton racket heads than the ordinary oval shape.

The Isometric head shape is an innovation of Yonex Japan.

It is designed in a way to keep the horizontal and vertical strings of the racket bed at a similar length.

This might seem irrelevant, but this simple but marvelous design increases the sweet spot of the racket.

The sweet spot is the area that a shuttle should hit to gain the most power possible that is generated by the player’s movement.

An aerodynamic lightweight durable frame

The frame of this entry racket is surprisingly the same one on the high range options, which means a stronger build.

A stronger and a durable racket is very important for someone with a powerful playing style, and also for players that can’t afford to have a new expensive racket every month.

Yonex Voltric Tour 8800 badminton racket uses the proprietary Aero-box frame.

This frame doesn’t block the air when the racket is moving, which means a higher speed and far better handling during difficult hits.

But the good thing is, that this aerodynamic design doesn’t lower the durability of the frame itself, another reason why we recommend this badminton racket for all badminton beginners.

Better gripping at a low cost

Another gimmick or feature (for us it was a feature),  a control cap that supports the palm of the player and can provide up to 90% more surface in comparison to a handle with no cap, this is very useful when your hands start to get sweaty and/or when playing in hot weather. 


The Yonex Voltric Tour 8800 Badminton Racket is an excellent badminton racket at a low price point.

And yes, it is not the cheapest racket around, you go for a cheaper alternative, but it is very likely that you are getting a less performant racket or worse, a bad one that will ruin your badminton experience.

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